About Us

PJ Produce established in 2020, is the E-commerce grocery arm as a subsidiary of PopeJai Pte Ltd, a Food & Beverage Social Enterprise in Singapore. The E-commerce platform was established with the aim to serve and provide fresh local seafood and vegetables. We are dedicated to providing convenience and affordability of the freshest local products to our customers islandwide.

Our Mission

Through a sustainable business model, providing employment opportunities and training to equip our employees with relevant skills, empowering and meeting their individual needs through constant innovation. With 90 percent of our workforce coming from eight different beneficiary groups, we aim to provide good and affordable food and services while transforming lives. 

To be an inclusive and competitive enterprise in the marketplace with a sustainable business model, touching the lives of individuals from all walks of life.


About PopeJai Pte. Ltd.

PopeJai Pte. Ltd. is a social enterprise in the food and beverage service industry which was incorporated in 2016.

 • Pope Jai Thai, a Thai casual dining restaurant established in 2012 which provides good and affordable Thai comfort food; 

• Tao Chew, a traditional Nanyang coffee and tea brewing service established in 2017 that caters for events such as weddings and private functions;

 • PopeJai Cares, a community social arm established in 2018, aims to meet the needs of marginalised groups and the differently abled through advocacy, outreach, and empowerment.

PopeJai’s range of services include restaurant dining, bento preparation, meal delivery service, meal catering, events, workshops and production.

We employ from eight different beneficiary groups including persons with special needs, physical disabilities or mental health issues; individuals who are hard of hearing/deaf, the visually-impaired, youth-at-risk, the vulnerable and the disadvantaged. We strongly believe in their potential and they comprise 90 percent of our workforce, making PopeJai Pte Ltd the first SME in Singapore to do so.

 Our focus is on their strengths and not on their weaknesses. With that, we aim to transform the lives of these individuals and their families in an engaging and sustainable way. To date, we have empowered and transformed more than 70 individuals and their families from different walks of life. 


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